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In terms of education, at the beginning of the 20th century, education of young girls from respectable and wealthy households consists of such matters as domestic affairs, arts, and crafts, rules of etiquette, etc. The image of a woman of that time presents a stereotypical perception, nurtured and maintained in the men-ruled society for many centuries prior.

In terms of traits and qualities, typical for those times, women are usually viewed as prone to weakness and overly emotional and impulsive behavior. There are, however, exception even to that rule. Only those women who remain single after passing the age of 21, widows and divorced women are emancipated. However, in the lingering mentality of the 19th-century European society, for a woman to be unmarried at such age is inconceivable, and thus these women are viewed as abnormal. The beginning of changes occurred in the 19th century, with the rapid development of feminist ideas across the whole European continent.

As such, the emancipation of women progressed at a slow pace. While women coming from wealthy families did not have the necessity to work, women from less privileged families do not have the choice other than to start working, seeing as the salaries of their husbands are very often not sufficient in order to provide for the family.

Taking a look at some of the European societies in the early 20th century, it becomes clear that even despite the progress made during the 19th century, the role of women remains for the most part stereotypical. As an example, in the British society, women were typically seen in the role of wives, staying at home and taking care of home affairs and children, while their husbands work to support the family financially Trueman.

As an alternative, if they are single, they usually had to perform such jobs that would provide some kind of service like cooking or serving as waitresses Trueman. As a rule, the typical expectations of the British society for a woman was to marry and undertake the roles of mothers and keepers of home Trueman. Alternatively, according to Trueman, being referred to as a spinster was not necessarily considered to be slander, but signified that a woman was carrying some kind of social stigma, seemingly unable to find a husband due to lack of this or that quality or skill Trueman.

Ultimately, the choices which lay before a young woman were either to marry and live a quiet life of conformity, or go against the society and become an outcast.

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Conversely, those were unmarried or, even worse, divorced, had to bear the brunt of being the outcasts of the society Trueman. To generalize the situation of women in the British society at the beginning of the 20th century, the image of the prosperous Victorian society, valuing the integrity and the comfort of a family and preaching about the romance and the amenities of home life, was just an idea integrated in the minds of the British people and baring almost no correspondence to the reality.

It was the women who took active part in advancing the goals of the movement have come to be known as suffragettes, whose contribution to the struggle of women to gain equality in the European world would make a difference and turn the tide Murray. Led by Emmeline Pankhurst, the suffragettes chose far from peaceful means of making a statement, resorting to acts of vandalism such as throwing stones, breaking windows, and even willingly sacrificing their lives to make the men-ruled society finally take notice of the cause of women Murray. The whole male population was going to the battlefronts, and neither young nor old age could not prevent men from taking weapons in their hands and leaving their civilian life to support their country in the war Grayzel.

As a result, a multitude of functions in the society concerning the social, political, and economic matters, previously performed by men had to be relegated to women. Alternatively, women were involved in the military actions at subordinate positions such as nurses, ambulance drivers, factory and farm workers, demonstrating that their ability to occupy such perceived masculine positions Grayzel. While still under the oppression of the men-ruled society holding back every attempt to claim their rights, women had come a long way in the span of several decades, setting up the grounds for fundamental change in the way the European community perceived the social, cultural and political role of women in the society.

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As it was, gender inequality still thrived even with the coming of the First World War, when social order had to be rebuilt and the typical roles performed by each gender had to be adjusted in order to get through the wartime. And yet, even though is difficult to compare it to the role of the modern-century woman and the place she occupies in the social hierarchy across the European in the current times, it is safe to say that the early s mark, perhaps, what is the most important period in the history of women empowerment, with 20th-century women slowly but steadily gaining the power which will later transform the world community and give women an unprecedented level of influence in social, cultural, political, and economic aspects alike.

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Notify me of new posts by email. How it works Blog Latest orders Top writers About us. Gender is a socially constructed term, and the development of gender roles often begins as early as childhood. Werbach From the moment of birth, a child's world is prepared along gender-related rules. When babies are born, boys wear blue and girls wear pink. There are still toy tools and building blocks for boys and miniature kitchen and cleaning toys for young girls. As well as now a days there are electronic games, girly games are ones that involve animals or taking care of their family or pets while boys are blowing things up or racing cars.

Gender in the 21st Century

If a young male walked into a classroom with a baby doll he would be picked on and called names because boys playing with dolls are not socially correct. Werbach A set of questions were asked to the two young teens to obtain a better understand of masculine and feminine ways. Tyler Reindeau is a nineteen-year-old from the San Francisco area in California.

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When asked, "Should men wear pink, purple and yellow? Showing that the color a person is wearing does not define their gender role in America. He believed both parents in a family could have a career, but the women should be the one to cook and clean. When asked if he would let his new born son have a doll he did not hesitate to say no.

He believes the male should make the most money, as well as fix things around the house. Can a man cry? He stated yes, but when asked what makes a man strong, he said fighting. Though he believes that both parents can have a career he still is under the gender roles influence gap.

The gender gap places women as the homemaker, and the man to be tough, handy and money maker of the family.

Essay On Women's Status And Role (Kindly Check & Comment) - CSS Forums

Emily Jonaitis is a sixteen-year-old from the Ocala area in Floridia. She believed both parents in a family could have a career, but the women should be the one to cook and clean. When asked if she would let her son have a doll she did not hesitate to say no. She believes the male should make the most money, as well as fix things around the house.

She stated no, and when asked what makes a man strong, she said fighting. Though she believes that both parents can have a career as did Tyler, Emily still is under the gender roles influence gap. Many believe that the social gender gap is not evident in society, but I personally believe it is still apparent. On the other side of that, is the argument that gender is a part of our culture integrated into our being and does in fact give men an edge.

As is true of other institutions genders history can be traced, its structure examined, and its changing effects researched".

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  5. In conclusion, Gender equality has been a social concern since man has step foot on earth. When we think of gender equality discrimination is the first thought, which comes to mind. Gender Roles by definition are the social norms that dictate what socially appropriate male and female behavior is.

    Boys and Girls The argument begins between these two sides in which the stated gender roles in society are they fair on both sides or do they in fact discriminate against the two sexes. Men are taught to be stoic in times of stress and women are taught to be helpless and needy.

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    Boys and Girls This is how our society expects men to behave. Maybe, in the near future as a culture we will use gender transcendence, in which as a people we will abandon our "assigned" gender idea, so that other aspects of life become separated and gender free.

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