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The situation is almost the same everywhere-irrespective of the developed country or the developing country-caste, community, colour or creed a position which is comparable in many ways, with that of racial minorities. Women have been relegated to secondary position despite the fact that they numerically constitute about half the world population today. This situation has caused immense loss to their self-dignity as human beings and also their independent entities, associated with men, apart from other matter, in context with intellectual and professional capability.

In the very beginning of civilization, women enjoyed a respectable position in society-at par with men. They actively participated in social, religious affairs as well as in warfare. The social, religious ceremonies were considered incomplete unless women participated in them. However, it was their physical constitution which acted as hurdles on the way to doing their various different difficult tasks. Gradually, they became dependent on men for food, protection for their other necessities.

It was due to the strong built-up of men they risked their lives in course of hunting and food collection. It is really ironical that superiority is not accorded to the fair sex who are responsible for carrying forward lives on this planet but to men who have muscle power with the help of which they can subjugate others. Later, woman became the epitome of procreation, and was very often associated and identified with Earth, which supported lives with all her resources.

This thought inspired in men a feeling of respect and regard which was reflected in their worship of women as goddesses. Despite this elevated position that she enjoyed, and are still enjoying in the form of being worshipped as goddesses Durga, Kali, Lakshami, Saraswati, etc. However, a woman is fated to be subjected, owned, and exploited like the very nature, whose magical fertility she embodies. During the course of social development, the position of women also changed. When society was formed, patriarchy was established.

Gradually, males became dominant in society. They were to write the codes for all times and obviously women were given a subordinate position. A prominent feature of hegemonic ideologies is the projection of the dominant viewpoint as universally true. Patriarchy, as an ideological assumption, works on the same principle. And, yet, even in ages of strict dominance by males, society has thrown up women of calibre, who could match, even surpass, the skills of men.

A long struggle going back over a century has brought women the property rights, voting rights, inequality in civil rights before the law in matters of marriage and employment. In addition to the above rights, in India, the customs of purdah vile system , female infanticide, child marriage, sati pratha, dowry system and the state of permanent widowhood were either totally removed or checked to an appreciable extent after independence through legislative measures. In view of the above, it may be expected that with a strong determination, commitment, and involvement of people and organisations with philanthropic motive and a rational outlook, the problem that women faced, can be solved and hurdled be overcome for promoting national rejuvenation and development.

Women empowerment is empowering the women to take their own decision for their personal dependent.

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Empowerment of women helps them to take their own decision by breaking all personal limitations of society and family. Women empowerment also refers to the creation of an environment of women where they can make a decision of their own for their personal benefits as well as for society.

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It is to bring equality in the society for both male and female in all areas; by increasing and improving the social economic and political and legal strength of the women. It is also necessary to ensure equal right to women and to make them confident to claim their rights, such as free live their life with a sense of self-worth, respect and dignity. They should be given complete control of their life, both within and outside their home and workplace.

They should also be given the right to take their own decisions and also to make their own choices. It is very important to give them equal rights to participate in social, religious and public activities. Women should be given the equal social state in society by giving them equal rights for social and economic justice. Every woman should be given an equal opportunity for education and they should also get an equal employment opportunity without any gender bias.

It is very important to provide them with a safe and comfortable working environment. Women empowerment is very pessary to make the bright future of the family, society and country.

Essay on women empowerment: (Importance Principles Slogans) Speech Essay For Students PDF

Women are as talented as men. Previously women were not allowed higher education like men and hence their talent was wasted. But nowadays women are allowed to go for their higher studies and it encourages them to show their capabilities which will not only benefit them but also the whole world at large. The main advantage of women empowerment is that there will be an overall development of the society. Women empowerment leads to a decrease in domestic violence.

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Uneducated women are at high risk for domestic violence than an educated woman. In order to make the country a fully developed country, women empowerment is one of the essential too to get the goal to develop. To really bring empowerment, women need to be conscious about their rights from their own end. It has the power to change many things in the society and country. They are more equipped than men to deal with certain problems in the society. They can understand the problems relating to overpopulation in the country.

They are capable of solving the economic crisis in the country. Women are confident, intelligent, sharp, kind and all these attributes make women a great leader.

These women have shown tact, kindness, bravery all while winning hearts. And there are results where women have secured their right to equality. The fight may turn dirty but everything comes at a price. What women need to understand is they are their own leaders and nobody else should be able to tell them what to do, what not to do. They should be educated and knowledgeable enough to make their own decision and control their life, and for that to happen, they need to step out of their houses and see the world with their own eyes.

Through empowerment, it can be possible to change the male dominated country into the equally dominated country of prosperous economy. A woman is considered to be in charge of everything in the family as she can solve all the problems in a better way from her own end. Empowerment of women would automatically bring empowerment for everyone.

Essay on Women Empowerment for Students

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Women's empowerment

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